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Spotify introduces new ads that listen out for your voice

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Perhaps not content enough with its success, music streaming company Spotify is currently testing the implementation of voice-enabled ads that users can interact with using their voices.

The voice-enabled ads are currently being tested among Spotify users in the U.S. It is aimed at encouraging listeners to say “play now” and it will direct the listener to a specific Spotify list or a podcast for now.

As of the moment, Spotify is running two voice ads, namely Unilever’s Axe and Spotify Studios. Starting today, when a listener encounters one of the ads, the listener will be redirected to the podcast entitled, Stay Free: The Story of the Clash. The other ad promotes a branded Spotify playlist related to a Unilever Axe ad campaign and will run on Spotify later.

During the test period, the voice ads will be available only to some Spotify free mobile listeners in the U.S. It will also be available only for those listeners who have enabled voice controls in the Spotify account settings. Additionally, Spotify is currently focused only on promoting content within its service. It has no plans yet on promoting content outside of the Spotify apps.

According to Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek, voice-enabled ads are critical areas of growth that the company want to explore and eventually invest in. He also said that his company is testing ways to explore and refine their company’s offering in the said area.

In addition, Spotify believes that voice ads will let the company capitalize on the growing interest of consumers to use voice commands and smart assistants. Investors have been capitalizing on this trend with their on-device assistants and smart speakers geared for home use.

Spotify also believes that these voice ads will enable marketers to reach their audience – especially since consumers are spending more time looking at their mobile phone and attempting to lessen their phone screen time. Whereas before, consumers usually tap a link on their phones or search for advertisers’ content, with voice ads, interaction with one’s phone screen can be replaced by voice commands instead.

Earlier this month, Spotify’s competitor, Pandora announced a similar plan for implementing voice ads later this year. However, Pandora’s voice ads will ask the listener if they would like to find out more about an advertised product or service by saying, “yes” or “no.”

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