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Steven Crowder to sue Facebook, alleging violations of antitrust and false advertising laws

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Conservative comedian Steven Crowder has announced that his show, Louder With Crowder, will be suing Facebook this week in the US District Court for the Northern District of Columbia for alleged violations of state antitrust and false advertising laws.

In a post announcing the lawsuit, Louder With Crowder wrote:

“Facebook lured consumers and creators to spend money and provide data and views under the promise of not engaging in political, racial or religious bias in enforcing their policies, but they have done so both expressly and secretively, and hence, the suit.”

Louder With Crowder’s attorney Bill Richmond said that the lawsuit will be “going after Facebook based on its own words and its own promises” and cited several pieces of Louder With Crowder content that Facebook had removed for “no reason,” including the 2020 US presidential election night live stream which had over 500,000 viewers concurrent viewers before it was cut off by Facebook.

Richmond added that this lawsuit is different from others that have gone against Big Tech because it’s “pro-business, anti-fraud.”

“You can run a business however you want,” Richmond said. “If you are a social media platform or any type of business and you want to allow certain types of content or certain kind of customers in your store or on your platform, you’re allowed to do it. But what you can’t do is lie.”

According to Richmond, Facebook brings people in “on the auspices of saying there’s no discrimination” but “in reality, the bias is clear through their enforcement policies.”

The lawsuit will be seeking injunctive relief from Facebook’s alleged “unfair/deceptive acts” with Richmond accusing the tech giant of secretly and expressly throttling pages, shutting down pages at the behest of “certain media companies,” and preventing users from being able to like or see certain posts.

Louder With Crowder added that the ultimate goal of the lawsuit is to force “honesty and clarity” in Facebook’s application and enforcement of its policies.

“We want Facebook to stop these practices or to be honest about what it is they’re doing. Simply stated, is Facebook a publisher or a platform? They need to be open about what they are and act accordingly,” Louder With Crowder wrote.

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