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Streamer Destiny says the reason for his ban was showing an inappropriate thumbnail for “half a second”

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Streamer Steven Bonnell, better known as “Destiny”, has suffered a new ban on Twitch because he briefly showed an inappropriate image during a live broadcast, earning his third suspension (and his second ban in less than 2 months).

A small slip

Destiny, known mostly for his League of Legends gameplays, was performing a routine live broadcast, but because of an oversight (his second oversight of this kind), he showed a small image that breaks the rules of the Twitch’s guidelines, which is why his account was suspended for the third time on January 8.

As is customary with the Twitch bans, the streamer’s follower community was baffled, fearing that it was another case of an unjustified ban.

However, they did not have to wait long for Destiny himself to confirm the motive, since as soon as he received the email notification, he proceeded to inform his followers about the decision, showing his dissatisfaction with Twitch.

Live broadcast problems

According to the message posted by Destiny, the reason for the Twitch ban is that it showed a “thumbnail” that included nudes on its screen for about “half a second”. Showing this type of image is against Twitch regulations, even if they are only a few seconds.

This did not prevent the Streamer from discharging his frustration against the platform that in the past has allowed highly suggestive content without retaliation.

The streamer’s ban record is growing at an alarming rate. The most recent case occurred in November 2019, in which, due to a similar incident, he gained 3 days of suspension. The only consolation for Destiny and his fans this time is that, although it is not his first ban, it will be only for 24 hours, so the 31-year-old gamer will likely return to broadcast during the weekend.

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