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Students in France to be taught about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as part of the curriculum

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Cryptocurrencies and their decentralized scheme are considered by many as the future of transferring value, and although they haven’t seen mainstream adoption just yet, it is quickly becoming a field of study. The French Education Ministry will soon be integrating cryptocurrency and bitcoin subjects into its curriculum.

High School students in France will receive a basic overview and introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized financial systems. This initiative will undoubtedly serve to prepare the next generation for the ever-changing landscape of the global economy.

Learning about bitcoin from youth will make things easier for the new generation

France is giving a step forward in the education department by exposing its students to what might become the next shape of the economy.

France’s initiative will teach students about the differences between fiat and bitcoin, addressing topics like the possibility to replace the Euro entirely with bitcoin. Other topics to be addressed are:

  • Is bitcoin the currency of the future?
  • Do you have trust in your currency?
  • Is bitcoin a currency like others?

The French Ministry of National Education is also providing a series of educational videos to go along the new program. By the end of it, students should be able to discuss the differences between fiat money and bitcoin, as well as having the basic knowledge on how to apply the latter.

However, it is worth mentioning that the French government doesn’t expect to create experts on bitcoins right away, as this is only an introductory/supplementary topic.

Further, an objective of the program is teaching its students about the role of central banking in creating money, which means that cryptocurrencies will be subject to criticism and perhaps portrayed in a bad light since they are designed to work without a central institution.

Nonetheless, it is too soon to tell, and as long as the criticism is constructive and not one-sided, this might be a good thing, as it will surely pique the interest of many young individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit eager to learn more about cryptos.

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