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Twitter temporarily suspends WaPo reporter Taylor Lorenz for “prior doxxing”

For actions taken before Elon Musk took over the platform.

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter who is currently at the Washington Post, has been temporarily suspended from .

In a Substack post, Lorenz blamed Twitter CEO for personally banning her after she asked him for comment on a story she was writing about him.

“I only had three tweets live on my account when it was banned. Two were promoting my social media profiles on other platforms…and one was the tweet below where I asked Musk for comment.”

Lorenz only had three tweets live on her account as she deleted all of her past tweets after fellow journalists were getting banned for doxxing Musk’s location.

Lorenz added that she and her colleague Drew Harwell, who was one of those who were also temporarily suspended by Twitter this week for allegedly linking to the off-site tracker account that monitors Elon Musk’s jet location in real-time, were “working on a story involving Musk and were hoping to get comment from him.”

source: @taylorlorenz on

Musk said that Lorenz’s ban is a temporary suspension for her “prior doxxing,” and that the ban will be “lifted shortly.”

On December 16th, Musk called Lorenz’s behavior “shameful” when talent manager Ariadna Jacob, who sued Lorenz, posted that “Taylor Lorenz asked for my address, said it wasn’t for publication and then proceeded to dox me in the NYT with the address she had assured me she wasn’t going to publish.”
Jacob posted screenshots (1,2,3,4) to back up her claim.

Lorenz has also previously been accused of doxxing back in April by publishing the name and work address of the user behind the popular Libs of TikTok account and showed up at her relative’s home.

Lorenz’s temporary ban appears to be the first public figure that has received a ban for an alleged offense prior to Elon Musk taking over the platform.

“Same doxxing rules apply to ‘journalists’ as to everyone else,” Musk tweeted on December 16th.

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