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Telegram says Apple is blocking a “revolutionary” update

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Apple has delayed what it calls a “revolutionary” Telegram update for two weeks without explanation, according to Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov. He added that this is another example of the “unfair practices” of tech giants faced by developers.

“The only thing we find frustrating is that we often fail to release new versions of Telegram due to convoluted mobile app reviews by tech monopolists. For example, our latest update that will revolutionize how people express themselves through messages, got stuck for two weeks at Apple’s verification without any explanation of the reasons and comments from Apple,” Durov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Durov noted that Telegram is among the top ten most popular apps globally. So, if it is being treated that way, then “you can imagine the difficulties that smaller application developers are experiencing.”

He added that these “unfair practices” are not only “demoralizing” but they also result in “direct financial losses for hundreds of thousands of mobile applications in the world.”

According to the Telegram founder, regulators have begun cracking down on tech giants’ antitrust practices. However, the “economic damage that Apple has already done to the technology industry cannot be reversed.”

Durov has previously criticized tech giants Google and Apple for the 30% commission they charge for in-app purchases. But his issue is more with Apple, which he said makes users “digital slaves” because it limits choice.

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