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Tesla appears to block employee access to a social networking site to prevent staff from airing criticism

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After thousands of employees have signed up with Blind, a social network for tech workers to air complaints about their companies, Tesla is reportedly attempting to prevent them from accessing the site. Reports say that Tesla employees were not receiving verification emails from Blind after they have signed up to join the network because they were actively being blocked by Tesla employees.

Blind, a social network with public forums where members can freely interact also have an anonymous community specific to certain companies. To join their company-specific community, new members must specify their work email address to be verified by Blind. Unfortunately for Tesla employees, the report says that their company seems to be blocking these verification emails. Thus, Tesla employees wanting to join their anonymous community on Blind couldn’t do so. Even worse is the fact that Tesla has also blocking Blind on the company WiFi network.

“We found out about this issue through emails from our users, saying they were unable to receive verification emails from us, and posts on the public channel, where already verified Tesla employees raised the issue,” a Blind spokesperson told Verdict. “Then we looked into the verification rates and we could confirm that Tesla is preventing employees from accessing Blind.”

A Blind spokesperson recently said that Tesla is the only company blocking its own employees from accessing or signing up on Blind. Blind found out about this issue on May 4, 2019 after some Tesla employees reported that they were unable to receive verification emails. Before this incident, Tesla issued a warning to its employees not to leak any company trade secrets externally.

Blind has looked into the issue and confirmed that through its verification rates, Tesla is indeed preventing its employees from accessing the social network. Several Tesla employees also confirmed that they were not receiving verification emails from Blind.

It should be noted that Tesla is not the only company with workers joining Blind. Employees across all of the major tech companies are active members of Blind’s public and private community forums. A Blind spokesperson discloses that Blind members include 55,000 from Microsoft, 38,000 from Amazon, 16,000 from Google, 13,000 from Facebook, 11,000 from Uber and 10,000 from Apple. None of these companies was at least known to have blocked their employees access to Blind.

It’s still unclear why Tesla is blocking its employees access to Blind despite the fact that the social network is widely used by industry peers to talk about workplace grievances and other concerns.

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