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The best product research method for scaling your dropshipping business In 2020

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This article will outline a very effective product research method: the cheapest and most effective way to market your  products.

What a lot of people are doing, and probably what causes 90% of people to fail when they first start to dropship, is that they try to sell products that they’re interested in. That’s a completely wrong approach, when it comes to this business model.

If your primary reason for selling a product is because you’re passionate about it and you lack concrete data to back it up – you’re almost certainly guaranteed to fail.

With dropshipping, it’s best to sell products that are already selling well for other people – that is without a doubt the most important thing and the most important factor of having success with Shopify dropshipping early on.

So, what’s the best strategy that you should use? – Find products that are already selling well for other people on Instagram.

The first thing you want to do is go on Instagram and follow 200 to 300 big meme pages and when I say big meme pages, I mean pages with 500,000 followers or above.

In order to begin the process of following 200-300 big meme pages, just go to any meme page that you know of and if you don’t know any meme pages at all, then here’s one right here called funny memes:

They have 7.2 million followers. What you can do is go ahead and follow this page and when you follow this page, a drop down menu will pop up and you’ll get a bunch of other meme pages in the “suggested for you” tab.

There is pretty much an unlimited amount of meme pages you can follow and by doing this you can speed up the whole product research process (aliexpress dropshipping).

The reason why you’re following these pages is because meme pages post a lot of dropshipping ads and by seeing other ads that are being promoted on these  pages, we’re able to see and identify which products are selling right now.

After you follow 200-300 pages with over 500,000 followers, all you want to do over the next 2 to 3 days is scroll through your Instagram feed for at least an hour a day and then look through your results. What you’re looking for are prominent dropshipping ads.

Here’s an example of a prominent dropshipping ad:

You can tell by the description that it’s an ad.

What you want to do once you come across a dropshipping ad is to determine if it’s a winning product or not (top shopify stores).

You should go to that dropshipping store’s Instagram page  and look through all of their ads that they’ve ran in the last 24 hours:

What you want to look for when you’re looking at the tagging photos is how many ads they’re running every single day.

Back to the rose ring ad – they  posted it 45 minutes ago, so that’s one ad they’ve ran today.

The one above is for a different product. You can see that they pushed this one 21 hours ago and it’s for a different product as well. What they’re doing is just testing out a product – they’re testing out three different products on three different pages.

So, this rose ring would not be considered a winning product because they aren’t scaling this ad.

You can tell when someone is scaling a product or an ad by seeing how many ads are running every  single day.

If they ran five different ads in a single day, then that would almost certainly be a winning product. This is due to the fact that no business, in their right mind,  going to be spending thousands of  dollars on a single product, every single  day, if it’s not making the money.

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