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The FDA Takes Aim at So-Called “Misinformation,” Funds “Pre-Bunking” Research

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So – does anybody have a recommended “medicine” – maybe, a vaccine – against government institutions trying to convince you, like some carnival hypnotist might do for fun, that – “if I say it’s not true, it must not be true…”

Yes – independent media is one “remedy” but even there, one has to be careful.

And with this in mind, here’s the US Food and Drug (FDA) joining a litany of similar agencies now just frankly whining, about how their “war on information” somehow – even though the legacy/corporate media that transmit their messages on the daily, occupy pretty much every corner of mainstream sources of information for most people, all the time – still not getting enough traction?

Is it that they really can’t push through – or is it that, somehow, the ridiculous amount of government(s)-orchestrated censorship on social media/platforms just doesn’t work? Regular people are plain and simple, resisting it?

Here’s FDA’s worrisome thoughts about “misinformation” and what to do about it. Covid features here heavily, of course.

Out of the gate, FDA starts with ridiculous language like “pre-bunking (pre-empting)” and “de-bunking”.

But here’s what FDA means by it, which is, actually, very worth taking notice of. (And, naturally, that’s not FDA’s actual wording – it’s an interpretation of their intent).

So, pre-bunking means, conditioning your mind to not receive any critical information that is not in line with the FDA’s – and you, in fact, might easily get vilified as “health misinformation disseminator”).

“The best way to address misinformation is to pre-empt it with relatable, science-based information on a consistent basis through multiple channels,” said Reagan-Udall Foundation – commissioned by FDA Commissioner Robert Califf.

But then, you know what – IN A DEMOCRACY – if government “pre-bunking” doesn’t work…

There’s always the “de-bunking.” If you live in China, they might call it, “reprogramming.”

Here’s the only truly interesting bit from a recent Bloomberg article supposedly addressing this issue:

“According to a 2021 poll of Americans conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health (…) compared to nurses and doctors who are trusted by at least two-thirds of the public, only 37% of people trust the FDA.”

FDA v. US nurses and doctors – there’s a thought.

But in all seriousness – the problem might not be somebody is dragging down those two-thirds – but rather how to elevate the 37% who still don’t fully get it.

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