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The original web browser: you can now see what it was like to use the internet on day one

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In March 1989 the European Organization for Nuclear Research, nowadays known as CERN, ‘created’ the modern internet. In order to celebrate and honor this occasion, the company developers recreated CERN’s original browser interface. According to Engadget, CERN wanted to remind and show modern users how the internet looked at the very beginning.

Next month it will be 30 years since that moment when CERN engineers offered a new program for information management within the organization called: “Information Management: A Proposal.” After reviewing and analyzing, CERN presented its program framework.

The creation of the program aimed to create an interface that allows users to surf the internet and search for information with the help of links. Tim Berners-Lee, the CERN developer, created its WorldWideWeb project using a NeXT computer.

This project can be called the first version of the modern Internet. It’s really amazing that we can get some info and experience that internet users had 30 years ago.

The project birthday is coming next month and that’s why CERN decided to recreate that original interface making a museum-like website. This website contains some information about the first browser, history, coding, typography, and timeline.

Moreover, they described the process of the original website reproduction. This project by CERN – it’s a piece of internet history which is absolutely amazing. Reading it, you can learn a lot about various accustomed and mandatory elements such as hyperlinks.

The project includes the original browser as well. Of course, there is a bunch of sections that don’t work but nevertheless, you’ll be really fascinated with it. It’s so interesting and cool when you use it to surf through the internet reading news and guides, discuss news with other users. Read about computers, films, comics, and so on.

Looking at this project there is one very important conclusion we can come up with. Comparing the modern internet and its first version, we see that its visual side changed incredibly while its essence is pretty much the same. It has the same structure and uses the same elements.

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