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“They Don’t Want It Discussed” – Megyn Kelly Reacts to Moderna Surveilling Her Vaccine Criticism

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Political commentator Megyn Kelly has reacted to the fact that she was singled out and monitored by the large pharmaceutical corporation, Moderna, after sharing her adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine publicly. Last year, Kelly voiced regret over her decision to get the COVID shot which, in her case, reportedly resulted in autoimmune complications. As a healthy 52-year-old woman, Kelly, in her podcast, expressed doubt over the necessity of getting vaccinated, as she contracted COVID “many times” after.

She further shared that her annual medical check-up had revealed a positive result for an autoimmune condition for the first time ever. “And she said ‘yes.’ Yes. I wasn’t the only one she’d seen that with,” Kelly noted, referring to the New York’s finest rheumatologist’s reaction to her querying whether her vaccination and subsequent COVID contraction within three weeks could be linked.

Subsequently, a year later, a separate investigation conducted by Lee Fang revealed that Moderna had marked Kelly under its controversial “misinformation” reporting system.

Moderna utilized artificial intelligence to scrutinize millions of online conversations worldwide, influencing the narrative around vaccines.
Internal documents revealed that the company paid special attention to prominent vaccine dissenters.

The lobbying group for Pfizer and Moderna, Public Goods Project (PGP) has played a role in identifying supposed vaccine misinformation and aided in the removal of such content from Twitter and other social networks.

PGP consistently provided Twitter with Excel spreadsheets listing accounts to promote and others to ban.

This was all due to the concern that public statements from those like Kelly may fuel “vaccine hesitancy.” An alert about Kelly’s comments, which the company believe could repel those still undecided about getting vaccinated, was issued by Moderna. They voiced fears that her remarks could exacerbate the growing apprehensions about the potential correlation between autoimmune diseases and COVID-19 vaccines. Interestingly, the information conveyed by Moderna’s alert seemed to validate Kelly’s claims instead of refuting them.

Revisiting the issue on her Tuesday show, Kelly recounted how Moderna was concerned she would intensify fears relating to autoimmune disorders and COVID-19 immunization. According to Kelly, Moderna was also deeply perturbed with her statements during one of her shows, in which she admitted that her general doctor had confirmed she had contracted an autoimmune illness after she got her third COVID shot.

She noticed they had linked internally a National Institutes of Health report which highlighted a correlation between the COVID vaccines and autoimmune problems. “They’re admitting internally that it’s a problem, but they’re upset that I am talking about it and Alex Berenson, and Russell Brand, and Michael Shellenberger, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya are talking about it because they don’t want it discussed,” Kelly pointed out. “And the mainstream media outlets were only too happy to comply.”

In her final remarks, she lamented about the disregard of media outlets for covering all viewpoints. “They just didn’t like it,” Megyn concluded, clearly indicating the censorship she experienced, which in turn, not only underlines the significance of independent media but also reveals the blind support corporate media has per pharma’s ‘experimental shots,’ despite the rising evidence of their dangers and inefficiencies.”

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