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TikTok Introduces New Measures To Comply With Upcoming EU Censorship Law

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TikTok, the popular social-media platform owned by Chinese company Bytedance, known for its catchy music videos and various trendy challenges, is paving the way for fulfilling the censorship regulatory guidelines set forth by the European Union through the imminent Digital Services Act (DSA). The famed social app is rolling out new features specifically tailored to its European patron base, intending to bolster its adherence to EU regulatory standards.

Watch our video report on the EU’s censorship law here.

The new guidelines regulated by the DSA require online giants such as TikTok, Google, and other large platforms to actively monitor the content on their platforms and remove “harmful” material.

Significantly, these platforms will also be mandated to share data with relevant authorities.

In the wake of consenting to a voluntary stress test administered by the EU a month ago, the interpretation of EU industry chief Thierry Breton was that TikTok would need additional effort to reach full compliance.

It was established that “TikTok is dedicating significant resources to compliance,” and the time had arrived to speed up to be “fully compliant,” reported Breton to CNN.

This Friday, TikTok revealed its steps towards more alignment with the DSA.

A strong statement that the company put forth strives towards the vision that they are keen on not only meeting but exceeding regulations by stating, “We will continue to not only meet our regulatory obligations, but also strive to set new standards through innovative solutions.”

This news comes amidst the ongoing worldwide debate about censorship and the power of big tech. Advocates of free speech and anti-censorship will feel concerned about the requirement for platforms to police their users’ content under the Digital Services Act.

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