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TikTok Permanently Banned Glenn Greenwald’s System Update Show Last Week and Refuses To Say Why

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The TikTok account of a popular show hosted by journalist Glenn Greenwald was permanently banned, sparking debate over censorship practices on social media platforms. The account, primarily used for posting show clips, was banned for allegedly violating TikTok’s community guidelines, specifically the integrity and authenticity policy.

“Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our community guidelines,” the notice from TikTok said, giving little detail about why.

“We could not get any kind of an answer on why it is that our account is banned, but we know that it’s permanently banned,” Greenwald said.

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Greenwald, a seasoned journalist with numerous awards, expressed frustration over the lack of clear reasons provided for the ban. He emphasized that his show strictly adheres to fact-based reporting and avoids disinformation or conspiracy theories. The content often critiques US foreign policy and censorship regimes, which Greenwald suspects might have influenced the ban.

This incident has raised questions about the influence of the US security state on social media platforms. Greenwald argues that companies like TikTok, Facebook, and Google are under pressure from US authorities to censor content, a claim that resonates with wider concerns about free speech and media control.

The ban on Greenwald’s show highlights the precarious nature of relying on major tech platforms for disseminating information. With the risk of sudden and unexplained bans, content creators find themselves vulnerable and at the mercy of these platforms’ opaque policies. This situation underscores the importance of alternative platforms committed to free speech principles, as pointed out by Greenwald.

“Look at how arbitrary and capricious this is. If your livelihood, if your ability to be heard, rests on Big Tech, you’re just in the palm of their hands,” Greenwald said.

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