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Trump says Mark Zuckerberg came to The White House looking for “goodies”

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In an interview on Fox News, President Trump told host Sean Hannity that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg often visited The White House looking for “goodies.” The interview covered, among other things, Big Tech’s censorship.

“He [Mark Zuckerberg] would often come to the White House trying to get goodies – he didn’t do too well,” said the former president.

Trump made the Zuckerberg comment while talking about how he (in his words) was going to do “incredible things” to push back against the influence of Big Tech.

“So, I thought that he was concerned we were doing things,” Trump said. “We were doing things. Had we had a second term, we would have had that much, really, pretty much under control. We had some incredible things planned for big tech.”

Trump alleged he would still be fighting Big Tech if he was still in office.

The former president sued all major platforms for suspending him for allegedly inciting the riots in the US Capitol. The DOJ recently inserted itself in Trump’s suit against Twitter to defend Section 230, which gives online platforms the freedom to make content moderation decisions without liability for user-generated content.

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