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Truth Social Launches New Groups Feature

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President Donald Trump’s social network, Truth Social, has launched a new groups feature that lets like-minded people connect by creating or joining groups based on topics that interest them.

The feature is currently in beta and available in the latest version of the Truth Social app. Users can start testing groups by tapping the “Groups” tab in the bottom menu.

From this tab, users can create their own public or private group, find groups to follow, and browse the groups they’re already members of.

Public and private groups are both discoverable.

With public groups, anyone can join and view the group’s posts. Public group “Truths” (posts) show up in group members’ home feeds and can be shared with non-members.

With private groups, the group owner must approve members. Private group Truths are displayed in group members’ home feeds but can’t be shared with non-members.

The “Find Groups” section offers several ways to browse the groups on Truth Social, including a search box, a “Trending Now” section, a “Suggested” section, and a “Browse Topics” section (which highlights popular group topics and showcases the groups related to these topics).

Each group has four tabs — “Truths,” “Topics,” “Media,” and “Members.”

Group owners can give members admin roles, delete group Truths, and ban members.

Group members can toggle notifications for each group that they’re a member of, post Truths to the groups they’re a member of, and report group Truths.

The addition of groups is the latest of several updates Truth Social has rolled out this year. Other updates include the addition of media attachment and emoji reactions support to direct messages, a new “Discover” tab that displays trending topics and popular profiles, and additional notification customization options.

Truth Social is currently the only social network to which President Trump posts text updates. It aims to support varied opinions and claims to be “free from political discrimination.”

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