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TSA expands digital ID checks to more airports

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is continuing to expand its digital ID scheme, according to testimony by Administrator David Pekoske during a congressional budget hearing.

Pekoske said that the agency will continue to offer travelers the option to verify their identities using digital copies of their IDs stored on their smartphones at various trial locations all over the country, FedScoop reported.

Currently, people can pass TSA checkpoints with digital IDs at 19 airports.

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In June, the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport will join the scheme, followed by the Nashville International Airport in August. Participating states include Utah, Arizona, Maryland, and Colorado.

“The other thing we are working on with respect to identity verification is that right now we’ve worked with Apple, Google, and Samsung so state DMVs have the ability, if they choose to, to allow one of their license holders to download their driver’s license into the wallet of their smartphones,” Pekoske told lawmakers.

“It’s a lot, lot more secure and convenient. People will leave some things at home but they will not leave their smartphone,” he continued, adding that the technology also prevents the spread of diseases as it is touchless.

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