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Twitch streamer and Partner Boneclinks banned live during a livestream, Twitch is unresponsive

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There’s a new scandal on Twitch from one of its Partners who claims that, despite having this title on the broadcasting platform, he still has not received a response to the sudden loss of 80,000 followers and its subsequent ban.

The streamer Boneclinks, popular for his broadcasts in the Just Chatting and IRL sections, managed to become a Twitch Partner – which in theory helps boost the content creator’s career by offering higher subscription fees, advertising from Twitch, and even an invitation to events.

However, it seems that not all Partners receive the same treatment from the company. Boneclinks explained that being a relatively small streamer, he has been easily ignored by Twitch. These statements are made after he saw how he lost the surprising figure of 80,000 followers in a matter of hours until he was at zero.

All this happened in a live broadcast that he made, where little by little his attitude became extremely aggressive against Twitch, indicating that he was not receiving any benefit for being a Partner.

“What’s the f***ing benefit of being a f***ing partner – it’s the same s*** as being an affiliate these days,” he said. “I can’t even get someone to talk to me.”

“I want to f***ing know what’s going on,” he said. “Two days – I’ve already had my whole stream f***ed dude. I’ve had no followers, no one get notifications, I can’t do s*** on here, and for two days, you’ve f***ed up my income and no one is talking to me.

“You’re telling me that I need to be exclusive to you in a contract as a partner, yet you will f*** up my s*** for two whole days and then – boop – f*** it.”


The situation, which ended in the ban of Boneclinks channel, is worrying for his person since he has repeatedly reiterated that Twitch is his main source of income and that every day that passes is critical to his earnings.

The streamer said that he has already taken all the corresponding steps to receive a response from the company, but that more than 48 hours have passed and the only cause they gave him is a series of clips where he allegedly infringes copyright.

Boneclinks, however, believes that this is a simple excuse to be removed by the DMCA, since the clips he received do not contain, in his words, any of the songs they say were the cause of the ban (Africa by Toto and the Ghostbusters’ theme).

However, although Boneclinks feels that he has been marginalized by Twitch, he reassures his fans indicating that he will continue to be a streamer by profession. After all, if it is true that the cause of the ban is due to a DMCA claim, it should only last 24 hours, although he still does not know what the future holds.

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