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Twitch permanently suspends ExoHydraX for minor incident while worse offenders get leniency

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Twitch has been accused multiple times of being inconsistent with the enforcement of its guidelines and terms of service, and we can add yet another case to the list, as streamer ExoHydraX just got permanently banned from the platform due to a minor slip-up concerning her clothing.

ExoHydraX is a rising star on Twitch who focuses her streams on Fortnite-related content and dances. Although there is a certain stigma with this type of content – which is considered by some as suggestive – the truth is that it is far from being NSFW and that Twitch allows for content more suggestive than this on its platform than its willing to admit.

Twitch hammer struck the female streamer with a permanent ban

As it turns out, the popular streamer exposed too much of her cleavage when reaching for her phone during a broadcast. Although this was a clear accident – as shown by her reaction and immediate apology – it was enough to bring Twitch wrath upon her, as she got banned from the platform on the following days. It’s also worth mentioning that in no moment there was nudity, as she was wearing a bra.

Someone people have brought to attention the fact that popular streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa got recently banned for a worse violation of the community guideline. However, despite exposing too much of herself during a recent stream, she got banned for only 3 days.

No one is saying that the aforementioned streamer should’ve received a harder punishment, only that Twitch should aim to be more consistent with its enforcement of the guidelines.

The real argument here is that Twitch doesn’t apply its guidelines fairly, being too severe in some instances and turning a blind eye in others, the latter is especially true when it comes to its top streamers, who seem to get special treatment by bringing the most views (and revenue) to the platform.

Last but not least, ExoHydraX took the conversation to YouTube on October 11th, where she explained the situation to her audience. The streamer claims that several online trolls decided to target her stream and mass report her in order to get her banned, and as she puts it, “I just feel like they won”. This would be one of the reasons for her swiftly ban, which by the time of writing this article, it hasn’t been lifted.

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