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Twitch streamer Masayoshi receives a DMCA notice for a track he didn’t play

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A Twitch streamer is fighting back over a DMCA warning that he received from the streaming platform for playing a copyrighted song. As it turns out, the streamer said that he never played the song at any time during his streaming activities and has no idea why he’s received the complaint.

Masayoshi, a popular Twitch streamer, says that he recently received the DMCA strike, a notification of copyright infringement that is issued when the user supposedly posts or shares copyrighted content including music.

While this may be a normal thing for Twitch users, for Masayoshi it was a bit weird because he said that he never committed such act.

When he received the notification, he thought that he was being trolled by a fake DMCA strike email.

But it turns out that the notification was legitimate, which prompted him to tweet with the screenshot of the notification and said that he received a DMCA strike for a song he didn’t even play while streaming on the Twitch platform.

The email contained a link to the video clip of Masayoshi as he attempts to juggle while circus music was playing in the background.

As for the song in question, according to Twitch, it was a song called “Harden” by Lil Uzi Vert. The copyright claimant was a person named Joseph Wisner of GrayZone, Inc., an anti-piracy company.

GrayZone specializes in internet investigations that involve bootleg, counterfeit, and pirated products. The song was an unreleased collaboration between Lil Uzi Vert and Wheezy and was teased sometime in 2017. The song illegitimately leaked online earlier this year.

It is still unclear why Masayoshi received the DMCA strike from Twitch even though he did not play the song during any of these streaming activities.

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