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Twitch streamer BadBunny slams her own viewers for not paying for her content

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Twitch streamer BadBunny has strongly criticized viewers who spend hours watching her content without subscribing, attacking them and accusing them of not respecting her as a content creator.

Free content?

The streamer, frequent in the Just Chatting section, is close to reaching 100,000 followers on Twitch thanks to her content and the guests she brings to her debates. During a broadcast on January 18, she slightly deviated from the topic of conversation to refer to her audience, insisting she needed the cash to continue creating content for the platform.

After giving the blunt message, BadBunny, who could not believe the number of people who were watching her for hours for free, said she was surprised to see that her message was in vain since she did not get new subscribers. Faced with the refusal, she exclaimed: “How did all my speech about how I need subscribers to start the broadcast, blah, blah, blah, result in zero subscribers?”

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Then she added, “There are regular spectators here. $5 a month. How do you have hours available to watch me, and not $5? What are you doing with your life that you have so much time to watch Twitch and not $5 to pay for the content you’re watching?”

She concluded by stating that it is heartbreaking to see how people enjoy her broadcast without paying anything back, which for her represents a way to belittle her work.

BadBunny scandals

This is not the first time that the streamer is at the center of the controversy with her audience. Almost a year ago, BadBunny tagged all people who viewed their content without donating or subscribing as “leeches.” In addition to this, she claimed that some people have paid to receive the content they have been consuming for free.

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With a similar sentiment, another streamer, SavageBabyDoll, recently asked moderators: “Can you ban every little poor person who can’t afford a sub?”

Soon after, viewers who hadn’t paid up were removed from the channel as bans were dished out to those who were watching for free.

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