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Twitch streamer WingsOfRedemption threatens to quit Call of Duty stream unless viewers donate hourly

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During a recent Call of Duty stream, Twitch streamer WingsOfRedemption demanded that his viewers donate at least $10 per hour in order for the stream to continue.

WingsOfRedemption made his demand for money around 40 minutes into the stream after getting frustrated with the game:

“I hate to be like this but if you want this stream to continue, it’s gonna be $10 an hour. So we need to make $10 in donations per hour for this sh*t to continue or I’m just gonna get off. This is cancer. This is not fun at all.”

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The appeal to viewers didn’t seem to generate the response WingsOfRedemption was hoping for with many of those watching reacting with laughter emotes, advising him to play something else, and suggesting that he “get a job.”

However, none of the viewers appeared to donate to keep the stream going and WingsOfRedemption shut it down shortly after making his unsuccessful demand for donations.

In a follow-up tweet about the incident, WingsOfRedemption continued to disparage Call of Duty and said: “Today’s stream is the reason I stopped playing call of duty.”

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WingsOfRedemption’s strong demand for donations comes a couple of weeks after Twitch streamer BadBunny made similar demands of her viewers and insisted that viewers should pay $5 per month to watch her streams.

In December, Twitch streamer SavageBabyDoll also asked moderators to “ban every little poor person who can’t afford a sub,” after which viewers who were watching for free were swiftly banned.

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