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Days after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said CNN had a role in the banning of Alex Jones, Twitter and CNN announce an expanded advertising partnership

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Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, recently stated that CNN had a role in the banning of alternative media show host, Alex Jones, from Twitter. After seeing that a CNN host Oliver Darcy had long campaigned against Alex Jones, and then the Twitter CEO admitted that the work of CNN had a role in their decision to ban Alex Jones, eyebrows were raised by free-speech supporters about why CNN would be trying to shut down a competitor.

According to Axios, CNN and Twitter have recently expanded their partnership for creating more value for marketers and advertisers. With the increasing user growth for CNN on Twitter, this partnership is expected to be profitable for both the companies and advertisers. Through this partnership, advertisers can now buy advertising space around popular and trending Twitter videos of CNN.

Previously, people could buy video content for advertising based on the category of the video. You cannot usually pick a single account or a company around whom you want to advertise your brand or product. However, from now onwards you can directly choose CNN videos and buy advertisements around them.

Twitter has also said it will extensively work with CNN and help in boosting the most popular and share-worthy videos. By doing so, the advertisers paying for the videos get better visibility and benefit.

News content is hard to handle and innovate. But Twitter has been performing well in this realm. They have formed many important partnerships with powerful media houses to innovate news and create value for investors around them. Also, Twitter by nature goes well with newsroom content.

Twitter and CNN’s partnership began in the year 2014 when they partnered with another company called DataMinr to analyze tweets and extract news and information.

In the last year, Twitter has also partnered with well-known media company NBC Universal. Twitter’s head of content partnerships Kay Madati says Twitter is the ultimate mobile platform where video and conversation share the same screen.

With this expansion of partnership, we can expect to see many advertisers investing around the presidential and Townhall debates of the upcoming elections. For a business, buying advertising space around interviews, debates, and discussions during the election will be a golden opportunity.

“People tell us what they want to see with the conversations they share on Twitter. In the past year, we’ve really expanded our efforts with the best publishers and content creators in the world to bring a slate of programming that reflects those diverse content interests,” said Kay Madati.

Partnerships like these show Twitter’s efforts to innovate and improve their user base will have a profitable outcome for the company.

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