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Twitter bans corporate account of MyPillow

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The account of US pillow manufacturer MyPillow has been permanently banned by Twitter because its CEO Mike Lindell – previously also banned for his association with and support of President Donald Trump – used it.

In those tweets, that the social network said violated its policy on evading bans and warranted MyPillow account’s permanent removal, Lindell accused Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of trying to cancel him, and warned him that “when all is revealed” he could wind up in prison.

Twitter’s move is only one of the problems MyPillow is facing because Lindell is a prominent and vocal Trump supporter and donor. Lindell is among those who believe that major irregularities happened during the US presidential election which resulted in Biden’s victory – a claim that Big Tech does not allow to be made or discussed anywhere on its platforms.

He has also been accused of, as media reports put it, “appearing” to have “called for the insurrection” himself. This reference to “insurrection” has to do with the January 6 Capitol Hill events.

One of his accusers is a liberal activist group operating on social media called Sleeping Giants, which acts as a pressure group trying to get advertisers to drop conservative media outlets as their clients and thus undermine their financial viability. Now, they are also lobbying for MyPillow to be removed from major retailers, seeking to punish the company for its CEO’s opinions they don’t like.

It worked with Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and H-E-B, who all no longer carry MyPillow products. According to Lindell, the reason is not their inherent wokeness, but fear of being caught on the “wrong” side of this type of controversy.

“They’re scared,” he said of the retailers.

Sleeping Giants, meanwhile, want Walmart and Amazon to join in the canceling of MyPillow, but these companies are yet to make a decision to drop MyPillow products.

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