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Twitter bans user for saying “only females get cervical cancer”

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Twitter is now accused of banning users over tweets that are stating biological facts. An account that stated “only females get cervical cancer” ended up getting banned. Apparently the tweet was violating Twitter’s “rules against hateful conduct.”

The social media platform believes that claiming only women have a cervix is transphobic.

The user Hammer_Of_Glass has been suspended.

CNN too was recently criticized for going further and trying to end the use of the word woman, instead saying “individuals with a cervix” needed to get screened for cervical cancer. But when it came to prostate cancer, it was deemed as a test for “men,” meaning that it tends to only be women that get the language-control treatment:

“In an attempt to be as politically correct and appeasing as possible, CNN said that “individuals with a cervix” should begin cancer screening at an early age.

The message in question reported that all “individuals with a cervix” should begin tests to detect any type of cancer from the age of 25 and continue with this detection until the age of 65, through the corresponding medical test that should be done every five years in this age span.

This only sparked controversy in the original CNN tweet, where the account’s followers were quick to start mocking the situation, even saying that the use of the word “women” had finally been ‘canceled.'”

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