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Twitter blocks “Okie Boomer Girl” video after copyright claim

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Twitter has blocked the viral video of Neekolul, the “Okie Boomer Girl,” dancing to the “Ok Doki Boomer” song while wearing a Bernie 2020 t-shirt after it was hit with a copyright claim.

After being posted to Twitter on March 2, it quickly went viral and amassed more than 14 million views but was blocked earlier today.

Twitter said the video had been “disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

However, YouTuber Senzawa, the creator of the “OK Doki Boomer” song, tweeted that they did not file the copyright claim.

senzawa uploaded the song to YouTube in December 2019.

The lyrics to the song are based on the “OK boomer” phrase which is used to make fun of baby boomers and those who are seen as being out of touch.

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Since being posted to YouTube, the song has been used in several TikTok videos which have accumulated thousands of likes.

However, Neekolul’s video is the most viral video featuring the song to date.

Neekolul’s Twitter account was also briefly suspended earlier today.

While her Twitter account was quickly restored, the video is still blocked, even after senzawa confirmed they had not filed the copyright claim.

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