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Media claims a 1,300% increase in slurs on Twitter after Elon Musk takeover. Twitter suggests a smear campaign from bots.

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A report by the Network Contagion Institute, an organization that monitors the spread of Hostile ideological content, there was an increase in the use of the n-word on Twitter within the first 12 hours after Musk took over. Twitter said that the increase in slurs is the result of a “trolling campaign.”

In a series of tweets, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, Yoel Roth, explained that the platform’s policies on hateful conduct were still being applied.

“Hateful conduct has no place here. And we’re taking steps to put a stop to an organized effort to make people think we have,” Roth said.

He acknowledged that there has been an increase in hateful conduct since Musk took over. However, he said that it is “a small number of accounts” that have been posting “a ton of tweets that include slurs and other derogatory terms.”

He claimed that “more than 50,000 tweets repeatedly,” that used a specific slur, were posted by only 300 accounts, which he claimed were “inauthentic” accounts that action had been taken and the platforms will continue to remove accounts involved in the “trolling campaign.”

Roth clarified that Twitter does not have “a list of words that are always banned.” The company considers context.

“For example, our policies are written to protect reclaimed speech,” he said.

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