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Twitter apologizes after flagging tweet of former Attorney General Eric Holder

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Twitter “mistakenly” flagged a tweet about voting by former Attorney General Eric Holder. It seems even Democrats are on now the wrong side of Twitter’s censorship system on the subject of voting.

“It’s too late to use the mails. Given Supreme Court rulings, I urge everyone to now vote in person; early vote, or use drop boxes. Protect your health, but don’t let the Court and the deliberately crippled Postal Service deprive you of your most precious civil right. Plan your vote,” Holder wrote on Twitter yesterday.

Twitter labeled the tweet as “disputed and might be misleading.”

While it is true that some states require mailed ballots to arrive before November 4, some states are allowing the mailed votes to arrive after Election Day. Just last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the validity of votes that arrive late in the state of Pennsylvania.

Twitter later removed the label, claiming it was a “mistake.” The company clarified that what the former AG had tweeted was “technically correct in some states,” so it was not misleading – yet the tweet was censored for several hours.

Currently, the former AG heads the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an Obama-sponsored organization that pushes for favorable remapping of districts in Democratic states.

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