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Twitter locks out Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for seven days

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter for one week over violation of the platform’s policies on COVID-19 vaccine misinformation. The Republican congresswoman has been suspended for violating the same policies on at least two other occasions.

On Monday, Greene tweeted that the FDA “should not approve the covid vaccines” because they were “failing” and ineffective at decreasing the spread of the virus. Twitter flagged the tweet as misleading and locked the congresswoman out.

In a statement to CNN, the social media network said that the tweet “was labeled in line with our COVID-19 misleading information policy. The account will be in read-only mode for a week due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

The Tuesday suspension marked at least the third time Twitter has suspended Greene for misinformation.

In March and again in April, Greene’s account was suspended in error, before being reinstated. The April ban came shortly after the congresswoman shared an Easter message, while the March ban came shortly after House Democrats launched an effort to remove her from the House.

Twitter’s vaccine misinformation policy, launched in March, states that users can get 12-hour suspensions for violating the rules more than two or three times. A fourth violation gets the user a 7-day suspension while a fifth violation could lead to a permanent ban.

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