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Twitter pressured to scrub more “misinformation”

The culture of pressuring platforms to censor those with the wrong opinions is spreading.

While a better part of the world has its guard down due to the pandemic, media organizations and tech companies are working hard to reduce any “misinformation” floating on the internet.

At such a juncture, social media platforms such as , , , and Twitter are being tasked to play a key role in curbing the spread of information that goes against authorities.

And while you may think that everywhere you turn, information is being scrubbed from the internet for “violating policies” of tech giants – there are some out there who think platforms aren’t doing enough to crackdown on conversations that differ from “authoritative sources”.

And more particularly, that Twitter doesn’t seem to be doing so at all.

Based on a report by NewsGuard, an organization known for monitoring and rating news websites with their opinion of their authenticity and trustworthiness, they accuse Twitter of failing to keep misinformation in a check, suggesting they need to do more.

More particularly, NewsGuard says that accounts spreading the alleged misinformation had 3 million-plus combined followers. They call these accounts “super spreaders” and say, “We will be continuing to add to this list of Super-spreaders who are continuing to be allowed by Twitter to spread toxic disinformation.”

Also, more than 100 senior doctors and global health authorities – including former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and CDC officials have today printed a full-page letter in the New York Times telling Big Tech giants that they need to “stop giving oxygen” to the “tsunami” of bad conversations.

“We are calling on the tech giants to take immediate systemic action to stem the flow of health misinformation, and the public health crisis it has triggered,” said the letter. Moreover, the letter also requested social media platforms to “retroactively” correct falsely informed people with the right information.

Their words may sound ominous, but they’re increasingly common.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.