Twitter shadowbans Gina Carano

Twitter has hidden Carano behind a "sensitive content" warning and removed her from search results.

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Twitter is currently hiding the profile of actress Gina Carano behind a “sensitive content” warning for users who aren’t logged in.

“Caution: This profile may include potentially sensitive content. You’re seeing this warning because they Tweet potentially sensitive images or language. Do you still want to view it?” Twitter asks.

This form of shadowban allows Twitter to suppress content and accounts without the accountability of letting the user know that they’re being suppressed – meaning that the account owner likely wouldn’t even know they were being censored unless someone detects it.

Carano’s censorship was discovered by artist and commentator That Star Wars Girl on Twitter.

“So I viewed @ginacarano’s profile from my account vs logged out. Her profile didn’t even show up when I searched it I had to manually type in her full handle name and select the profile tab. This is insane @Twitter,” she wrote.

Carano’s tweets themselves are also shadowbanned in search.

Following our tests, we found that when a user types in a phrase that Carano has used in a recent tweet, it only appears when a user is logged in.

For example, Carano recently wrote “April fools this year is hilarious.. ? all the people who have been holding back are like… I can say this today right?!!! Joking is still legal right?!! #LetItGo.”

However, when searching for that tweet on Twitter, it only appears when a user is logged in:

When not logged in, Carano’s tweet is hidden from Twitter’s search results:

Carano is a politically conservative actress and former MMA fighter who has been maligned by both Twitter mobs and Hollywood in recent times for her social media posts that challenge mainstream narratives.

Carano was fired from Disney’s The Mandalorian streaming show after a social media post addressing political tensions and divisions in the US by likening hating and maligning people because of their politics to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

Carano had also refused to issue a scripted apology after being accused of mocking pronouns in Twitter bios and Disney neglected to come to her aid when she was facing much abuse online, as it usually does with other stars.

Following her firing from The Mandalorian, Carano was blacklisted, her upcoming episode on Bear Grylls’ survival show was memoryholed, and even Cara Dune action figures (her character from the Disney show) were put out of production.

As is often the case, the lockstep between the media and Big Tech platforms is an attempt to ensure full cancelation of someone that has challenged establishments and Carano’s shadowban on Twitter following her blacklisting from Disney is not unexpected.

Carano is currently in the process of producing her own movie for The Daily Wire.

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