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Two New Hampshire cops suspended over TikTok videos mocking critics of police

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Two officers in Bedford, New Hampshire, have been suspended over TikTok videos. At least one of the videos was made in response to criticism of the police due to shootings at traffic stops.

The investigations into the “inappropriate” TikTok videos by the officers began in April. The verdict was announced on Saturday by the Bedford Police Chief John Bryfonski. One of the officers was placed on an unpaid eight-day suspension, while the other was placed on an unpaid suspension for 22 working days. Additionally, both officers will have to satisfactorily complete training on implicit bias, cultural awareness, and diversity.

“The fact finding investigation into this matter was exhaustive, complete, and thorough,” Bryfonski said. “The investigation developed the necessary facts and evidence, which was balanced against Department policies and procedures that explicitly prohibits such conduct.”

“This behavior on social media ran contrary to the expectations and requirements of a sworn police officer and damaged the confidence, trust and respect in the Bedford Police Department by the community,” Bryfonski said in the statement. “However, the culture of professionalism, empathy, caring for the community by our officers and their desire to provide our citizens with the very best in public safety services should not be judged by this aberration.”

Both police officers were not identified.

The investigation began after the posting of a TikTok video referencing the criticism of the police following shootings in traffic stops and other calls.

The video, as seen by Reclaim The Net, was captioned, “How the media/liberals want the police to be,” featured a uniformed officer in what appeared to be a police cruiser pretending to be responding to calls and asking civilians not to shoot or stab other people. The officer drove away when people did not comply with his orders.

Police Chief Bryfonski, in his statement, added that the officers have the option to appeal their suspensions.

The incident is similar to another officer in Idaho whose TikTok video mocked LeBron James. Deputy Nate Silvester was fired.

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