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UK government to pay private sector to develop digital ID systems

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The UK Department of Culture, Media, and Sports, (DCMS) will fund a “substantial proportion” of the costs private digital identity providers incur, according to responses from a trust framework.

“The government will use the period of DCMS governance to engage with organizations and certifying bodies to explore charging options, with the intention being that organizations are charged an annual membership fee by the governance function,” the government said in its response to the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework.

“In all cases, the cost of certification against the trust framework will be borne by the organizations seeking it. The establishment of the governance function in DCMS will allow the government to bear a substantial proportion of the other costs, at least initially.”

The government will also ensure “any pricing models are proportionate and do not have an unduly restrictive effect on market access.”

65% of respondents said that membership in the trust framework should be a requirement for an organization to perform identity checks against government-held data.

One of the responses stated that the DCMS will “require such private sector organizations to become certified against the trust framework before they can make checks against government-held data through the proposed legal gateway.

“We do not think this requirement presents an unnecessary commercial restriction.”

92% of responses advocated for digital identities to be as valid as physical identification documents.

DCMS will “introduce legislation, when parliamentary time allows, to affirm that digital identities and digital attributes can be as valid as physical forms of identification, or traditional identity documents.

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