UK Government Twitter account retweets pornographic video

They claim it was a "cyber-attack".

An official UK Government Twitter account “UK Government in Wales” has been used to retweet pornography.

An explicit video clip was shared shortly before 2PM, along with a suggestion that followers should rate the video clip out of 10.

The tweet that was retweeted by the UK Government. The website and pornographic materials have been removed and/or blacked out by Reclaim The Net.

Rather than saying someone managing the account had purposely or accidentally retweeted the content, an official later suggested in a tweet that they had been victim of a “cyber-attack”.

A message apologizing for any offense the tweet caused has been posted to Twitter by the official account, after getting access back from whoever lead the “attack” on their account.

“We are aware that our account was subject to a cyber-attack earlier. We apologise for any offence caused by the material shared. We are confident the issue has now been resolved.”

Just a handful of Twitter users noticed the inappropriate retweets.

The account is “the face of the UK Government in Wales and the voice of Wales in Whitehall” but doesn't have many Twitter followers so the inappropriate tweet seemed to mostly fly under the radar.

Cindy Harper

Cindy Harper is a tech news staff writer based in Maryland, USA. After getting her start in local journalism, Cindy now reports mostly on social media stories for Reclaim. [email protected]