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UK survey suggests most Britons think a vaccine passport is acceptable

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It should be noted that the full sample data, exact questioning, and reliability for the survey that produced the following results hasn’t been confirmed by Reclaim The Net as it has not been published in full.

A new survey has suggested that a major part of the British population is willing to carry vaccine passports for participating in day-to-day activities, and even on a permanent basis.

The revelations come from the London Independent poll conducted by Savanta ComRes. According to the survey, 56 percent of participants agreed to carry a vaccine passport or proof of vaccination to enter a shop. Just about 32 percent, on the other hand, found the idea unacceptable.

Shocking: close to 60 percent of participants said that vaccine passports must be made mandatory to use public transport. Conversely, just about 30 percent said that such practices should not be implemented.

Furthermore, a majority of the participants said that they would be fine with showing their vaccine passports to be allowed into their workplaces. To be precise, 65 percent of the participants agreed to the said practice concerning workplaces. In this case, only 24 percent opposed the idea.

When it came to places such as pubs and restaurants, 63 percent of participants were agreeable with allowing entry upon producing vaccine passports. In this case, too, just 24 percent of the participants were against the idea. Finally, close to 70 percent of participants are in favor of requiring vaccine passports for public events such as concerts.

Coming to air travel, 75 percent are willing to carry vaccine passports for flying.

More than half the participants are even fine with making the vaccine passport system permanent, even after the whole pandemic situation subsides. Only one-third believe that the system must be eliminated once things return to normalcy.

The poll also asked the participants about lockdowns, and more than 30 percent said that they wouldn’t want the lockdowns to end and should be pushed beyond June 21, the date announced by the UK government to end the current lockdown.

The associate director of the pollster Savanta ComRes, Chris Hopkins said, “The public do not seem to be revolting en masse against the restrictions. While there is undoubtedly a desire to return to normal, the public understand that this approach needs to be sensible and are happy for the government to put in place whatever means necessary to ensure a safe return to normality – and if that means vaccine passports, the public appear to be pretty on board.”

The pandemic has been used by governments as a free pass to increase surveillance and censorship.

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