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UN criticizes the UK’s treatment of Julian Assange, says they’re “deeply concerned” by his arrest

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Following the latest events regarding Julian Assange’s arrest, rights experts from the United Nations Working Group have expressed their concern regarding the possible violation of human rights.

Julian Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks (350 days) in prison for a bail violation, which is, as pointed out by the Working Group too close to the maximum possible sentence for breaking the law regarding pre-trial restrictions. Bail violation in the United Kingdom carries a sentence not longer than 12 months of imprisonment, as it is considered a mild offense.

Taking that he has been arrested for such a crime, the United Nations’ Working Group criticized the UK authorities’ decision to detain Julian Assange in Belmarsh Prison. In most cases, that same prison is where only serious criminals such as murderers go, as it is a high-security prison that offers less than terrible conditions for the inmates.

WikiLeaks has said that Assange is living in a horrific state where he has to spend 23 hours a day in his cell. All this lead to the eventual criticism by rights experts the United Nations Working Group who expressed their “deep concern” that Assange’s basic human rights are being violated, Mr. Assange’s health has already been going downhill as the price for the 7 years spent in the embassy.

They also mentioned that the actual bail for which Mr. Assange is being imprisoned right now is connected to the investigation by a Swedish prosecutor that was initiated back in 2010 and later discontinued in 2017. The case was closed by the prosecutor herself after an interview that happened in the Ecuadorian embassy.

The United States government has been putting immense pressure on the UK authorities in the case of Julian Assange, they request Julian Assange to be extradited to the US for questioning. The biggest reason for Mr. Assange’s self-exile to the Ecuadorian embassy is the possible life imprisonment in the United States for leaking thousands of classified files on secret projects and wars on the middle east.

His actions are justified by many free-speech fighters and as the Working Group said, Assange was previously arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years and that he should have his liberty restored.

All eyes are pointed at the UK government.

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