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United Nations tells people online not to use the terms “husband” or “wife”

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We now have the United Nations sending out more guidelines to people on how they are to speak. Words such as boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, and husband are now being shunned by the UN, who is telling people to replace them with “neutral” words.

The United Nations apparently thinks that asking people to speak in a certain way on Twitter can somehow bring about “equality” in the world.

From personal everyday words such as husband and wife, to names used in a professional context, including congressman, policeman, landlord, and so on, the UN is asking for reform in the way people speak online.

Here’s what UN today tweeted, “What you say matters. Help create a more equal world by using gender-neutral language if you’re unsure about someone’s gender or are referring to a group.”

Such suggestions include using “spouse” instead of “husband” or “wife” – “owner” instead of “landlord” – “family name” instead of “maiden name”; and more.

Twitter users did not appreciate the UN’s newest free advice, as you can imagine, resulting in tens of thousands of replies, some quirky, some serious – but almost all opposing the UN’s stance.


People have also gone to the length of explaining the obvious flaw in having to use such a language, which the UN considered to be promoting “equality”.

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