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Victoria Police apologize for arresting anti-lockdown reporter Avi Yemini

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Rebel News chief correspondent in Australia Avi Yemini has received an apology from Victoria Police for multiple wrongful arrests for reporting on protests.

The apology, published by Rebel News, an online media outlet, on July 27, came after Yemini filed a case with the Victoria Supreme Court in September 2020 accusing the police of wrongful imprisonment that hindered his ability to report.

On September 5, 2020, Yemini was arrested while recording and interviewing at the Lockout Law Rally in Albert Park. He was arrested again on January 26, 2021, while covering an anti-mandate protest in Melbourne.

In both cases, Yemini argued that he had media accreditation.

Victoria police said they “sincerely apologise for the hurt and embarrassment suffered” by the reporter at the protests as a consequence of the arrests and subsequent detention.”

“On each occasion, Mr Yemini was wrongfully arrested and detained by members of Victoria Police whilst reporting for Rebel News,” the statement added.

Responding to the apology, Yemini said that a simple apology “so that it wouldn’t happen again” was all he ever wanted.

“I was never after a payout, and I consistently demanded an apology,” he told Rebel News.

“My objective from the start was to ensure that I could do my job like any other reporter, even if people are threatening me and they don’t like what I’m saying.”

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