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Viral ice cream licker D’Adrien Anderson sentenced to 30 days in jail

Anderson was also ordered to pay out over $2,000.

A man has been arrested for a trend that became viral last year in which people licked the contents of the ice cream tubs and returned them to the store refrigerator.

Last year the internet showed why it is one of the greatest sources of influence that exist nowadays, although sometimes it is not the best example to follow.

The trend that seems to have been initiated by a teenager in Texas quickly became viral, which led many people to try it without considering the consequences of their actions.

Although these acts are no longer happening, the ice cream manufacturing company Blue Bell (the main brand used in these videos) has called for serious action against those who participated.

A man named D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson has now been sentenced for licking a half-gallon of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream.

After pleading guilty of the charges, he received a 30-day jail sentence, and he will have to pay a $1,000 fine and $1,565 to the Blue Bell Creameries company for the damage caused.

The 24-year-old claimed that he was just looking to become a sensation on the internet by posting the video on , and indicated that after licking the ice cream he bought it.

For lawyers and the Blue Bell Company, however, this is not enough to be forgiven. Anderson’s joke forced the Walmart store to replace all half-gallon ice cream after the video went viral, which represented significant losses for the store and the manufacturer, as well as poor publicity among buyers.

Both the manufacturer and the Jefferson County district attorneys condemned the actions by saying that food tampering is not a game as it endangers public health. Blue Bell Creameries expressed its happiness with the verdict of the case.

It should be noted that Anderson has not been the only one judged by these videos. The teenager who began the trend also faced justice, as did another 36-year-old man who repeated the actions.

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Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.