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WHO Director-General Complains “The Spread of Misinformation” Undermines “Faith in Our Institutions”

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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) – and one on whom the pandemic has not been kind, but not from the health, rather, from the diplomatic/political integrity point of view – is complaining again.

It’s by now the old song-and-dance that various global groups, official or otherwise, are constantly trying to push on the world’s nations. Their message: it’s not “institutions” that are crooked to begin with – it’s that “misinformation” just “made them” look like that.

And now, the problem is not the crooked institutions, and the task is not in improving them, but simply in how to convince people there’s nothing wrong. So we “combat misinformation” – with…more censorship.

That does appear to be the stance Ghebreyesus is taking as he expressed it in a video call over the weekend with WHO’s summit, held in Germany.

Ghebreyesus’ remarks are telling even when he’s not speaking directly to the issue of “spread of misinformation” and what some might call the (fake) “benevolent” global elite is proposing to do.

The WHO chief positions the organization and its “summits” representing (quote) as people from “government, multilateral organizations, development banks, civil society, academia, industry, and more.”

Wait, there’s more? Do tell, Mr. WHO – who can they possibly be??

(Narrator: He does not).

But, here’s what Ghebreyesus did say, specifically about the ever-present issue of “misinformation” – all too often, that’s just free people expressing their free opinion as the law allows them to, yet getting persistently maligned as basically the equivalent of a nuclear bomb that will wipe out all humankind. (Such is the language of propaganda and censorship.)

When Ghebreyesus was done with expressing his obligatory “grave concerns” about civilians suffering in the latest Middle East flare-up of hostilities – he had this to say:

“We cannot let the painful lessons of the pandemic go to waste.”

Indeed. We cannot. But could it be that what a lot of people perceive as painful: poorly explained, poorly justified, yet draconian, unheard-of restrictions of movement, work, travel, life in general – and what Ghebreyesus here refers to – might be two different things?

“We saw a lack of coordination between nations and between health actors; and the politicization of science and the undermining of faith in our institutions from the spread of misinformation,” said Ghebreyesus.

But who, and how, “politicized science” here in order to undermine our institutions?

So, basically – how many more empty, misleading speeches can Ghebreyesus make before getting fired?

If one were a betting person, one would say – MANY MORE.

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