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Woman accused of biting and throwing baby during Twitch stream

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A streamer known as “TTV_MajesticUnicorn” appears to have been banned from Twitch after she was accused of mistreating her young son during a Fortnite marathon. The case could even reach local authorities and child protection services.

A not so calm mother

Although the content that violated Twitch’s terms of service is no longer on the platform, it has been rescued by the Twitter user @vure89, who was responsible for notifying people about the behavior.

The user called the Amazon-owned company with the following Tweet: “Hey @Twitch @TwitchSupport I’m sure on-stream child abuse goes against your ToS, right? Never in my life have I seen a mother bite and throw their infant around, let alone because they were disturbing their 8 hour Fortnite marathon. ”

Warning – Some viewers may find the following video distressing:

The responses of other upset users were swift, who began to strongly criticize the woman for the abuse of her infant. Although TTV_MajesticUnicorn has less than 300 followers on Twitch, its behavior has gone viral.

It seems that the mother did not like that the infant was bothering her during the Fortnite marathon, which ended in several throws to the bed and an alleged bite to the child’s arm.

Without remorse?

TTV_MajesticUnicorn has shown several times the appreciation she has for her son and her husband through multiple photos and comments on her Twitter account @MUnicorn1712. She has used the social network to defend herself against some of the accusations, indicating that there are users who have a lot of free time, and they spend it on insulting people they don’t know.

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The Tweet where she expressed this comment no longer exists, but was captured in an image by a user who says that the streamer feels no remorse.

The first user who made the case known, @vure89, was the one who indicated that local authorities are already aware of the case, and it seems that Twitch responded immediately to the notification since the channel shows the message that, unless that we have a time machine, the content no longer exists.

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