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Writer Christopher Rufo was unverified on Twitter after exposing controversial Google employee trainings

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Leaked documents reveal that Google employees were given material on an “antiracism” program that teaches the principles of critical race theory, specifically that the US was founded on white supremacy.

The documents, while not part of any official curriculum at Google, reveal information that was given to some Google employees, and give insight into the types of ideologies that are promoted at the Big Tech company that has a monopoly of search and is part of a duopoly in the online advertising industry.

In recent times, several other large technology companies have been shown to be taking part in similar training for employees.
According to documents obtained by the Christopher Rufo, a writer and contributor for City Journal, Google’s new antiracism program, called “Allyship in Action,” contains language common in critical race theory teachings, like “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” and “intersectionality.”

The same day Rufo’s revelations were published, Twitter unverified the writer on the platform.

The program asks employees to acknowledge their “power and privilege” and rank themselves based on their racial background and sexual orientation.”

The program also features videos by antiracism experts insisting that racism is deeply ingrained in America’s system and that whites have benefited from white supremacy, even those that are innocent of participating in it.

In one of the videos, Nikole Hannah-Jones, an editor at the New York Times’ 1619 Project, was featured.

“If you name anything in America, I can relate it back to slavery,” she adds, after explaining she was inspired to take part in the 1619 Project to prove that everything problem in modern day America can be traced back to slavery.

“If you’re white in this country, then you have to understand that whether you personally are racist or not, whether you personally engage in racist behavior or not, you are the beneficiary of a 350-year system of white supremacy and racial hierarchy,” Hannah-Jones said.

Kendi is also featured in one of the videos, where he says that young people in America are conditioned to be racist from birth.
“To be raised in the United States, is to be raised to be racist, and to be raised to be racist is to be raised to almost be addicted to racist ideas,” he said.

“The youngest of people are not colorblind — between three and six months, our toddlers are beginning to understand race and see race,” Kendi added, before suggesting that the solution is an antiracism prescription for all Americans, in other words “respond in the same way that they respond when they are diagnosed with a serious illness.”

“For me, the heartbeat of racism is denial and the sound of that denial is ‘I’m not racist,’” the antiracism writer added.
In a document called “Anti-racism resources,” Google employees are educated on red flags and warning signs of “covert white supremacy,” which include phrases such as “weaponized whiteness,” “colorblindness,” and “Make America Great Again.”

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