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X Legally Supports Student Punished By The University of Illinois For Online Posts

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Underscoring the debate around free speech on social media, Elon Musk’s company X has stepped in to defend Juan David Campolargo, a University of Illinois student embroiled in a controversy over his posts on the platform.

The issue centers on Campolargo’s promotion of an event on X, which he described as open with free food, but was, in fact, a private conference. This led to allegations against him for breaching the university’s code of conduct.

Facing potential disciplinary actions like conduct probation and expulsion from campus housing, Campolargo found an ally in X. Lawyers from Schaerr Jaffe, backed by X Corp, cautioned the university in a letter dated November 14 against any punitive measures, arguing that such actions would infringe on the student’s First Amendment rights. According to The Financial Times, which claims to have seen the letter, they warned of a possible lawsuit if the university upheld its preliminary findings, indicating a violation of Campolargo’s rights to free expression.

This intervention aligns with Musk’s public support for free speech. The billionaire, who labels himself a “free speech absolutist,” had earlier vowed to cover legal costs for X users facing repercussions for their activities on the platform. Despite cost-cutting measures at X, Musk had assured in August that there would be “no limit” to the support provided, even hinting at targeting the boards of directors of involved companies.

Regarding Campolargo’s situation, he ran an X account detailing open events with free food on campus.

The letter from Schaerr Jaffe also highlighted procedural flaws and overlooked evidence in the university’s handling of the case, calling the imposed sanctions disproportionate. The university, citing federal privacy laws and the confidentiality of its disciplinary process, refrained from commenting on the specific case or the letter’s allegations.

Schaerr Jaffe confirmed sending the letter with support from X but declined further comment.

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