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X Temporarily Suspended Several Accounts Critical of Israel

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The social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, abruptly suspended the accounts of numerous journalists and mostly left-leaning commentators without providing a clear rationale.

Some of the affected individuals include Steven Monacelli of Texas Observer, Ken Klippenstein from The Intercept, podcaster Rob Rousseau, Alan MacLeod from MintPress News, and @zei_squirrel.

Visitors to their profiles are met with a suspension notice, yet the reason for this action remains unspecified, with a generic message stating that “X suspends accounts which violate the X rules.”

This action by X lacks a comprehensive explanation. The accounts linked to the platform’s terms of service, which encompass a broad spectrum of potential infringements.

Former British politician and now political commentator George Galloway brought the suspensions to the attention of Elon Musk who said he would “investigate” the issue.

The banned accounts were all soon reinstated but still with no clear reason why they were banned in the first place. All of the banned accounts have been leveling criticism against the Israeli government.

Responding to the incident, X owner Elon Musk wrote, “There are around 600 million active accounts on this platform. Mistakes are bound to be made at such a scale, but we try to fix them quickly.

“There will always be some false positives and false negatives, but we aspire to take corrective action rapidly.

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