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Twitch streamer xQc says Riot Games created the “most piece of sh*t community on Earth” with League of Legends

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Twitch streamer xQc has slammed Riot Games for inadvertently creating what he describes as “the most piece of sh*t community on Earth” in League of Legends.

xQc made the comments during a recent livestream and said that he blames former Lead Designer of Social Systems at League of Legends Jeffrey “Riot Lyte” Lin for the current state of the game’s community.

“I think Riot Games, and I’m not kidding, has breeded, because of Riot Lyte, has breeded the most piece of sh*t community on Earth by accident because of that one person,” xQc said.

During his time with the company, Riot Lyte was responsible for developing features related to player behavior with one of his most infamous additions to the game being The Tribunal System which was criticized for being ineffective and eventually removed from the game.

xQc added that he believes Riot Lyte’s work resulted in League of Legends players perceiving everything as “toxic” to the extent that even simple observations about the game will now be branded toxic by players:

“They labeled everything as toxic and literally deformed the word into deluding their player base into thinking anything is toxic. So when somebody says “outplayed” and you think that’s toxic? That’s not how that works! That is not how that works. By definition, it is wrong!”

xQc said that while he likes Riot Games, he believes that “Riot Lyte has permanently endangered the player base.”

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