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YouTube accused of censoring content critical of the Chinese Communist Party

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The China Uncensored YouTube channel is making a case of not being able to report all the news out of the country because the Google-owned video giant won’t let them, by means of subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, but direct monetary pressure and censorship.

That suspicion should come as little surprise as the channel, with its in excess of 1.5 million subscribers, spells it right away that they believe YouTube, and its owner Google, are working in concert to obfuscate the alleged crimes perpetrated by China’s one and only, ruling Communist Party (CCP) regarding a number of incidents occurring over the past or so year.

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In a new episode – that says it has already been demonetized – its creators wonder if criticism of the CCP was the reason to invoke those habitually vague YouTube Community Guidelines against it.

So, in yet another demonetized China Uncensored channel upload, the creators say that YouTube routinely censors them not directly – but through demonetization, that often leads to content deranking, which means much fewer people will be able to see it.

In the new, (demonetized) video called – YouTube Helps Cover Up China’s Atrocities – the host says that the pattern discovered as to why YouTube would go after any China-related content in this way might be non-compliance with CCP rules.

One of those instances, the channel said, was the attempted early cover-up of coronavirus, and what the Chinese authorities did to try to combat it early on, including extremely restrictive measures enforced upon the population.

At that time, some leading western media seemed prone to embracing China’s extreme social and law enforcement practices, just to try to ensure that the virus doesn’t spread.

But spread indeed it has, and the China Uncensored channel documents the full brutality of what dealing with the crisis “the China way” meant, and why it should not have been acceptable elsewhere.

Among the content YouTube either demonetized or age-restricted were reports on the channel about Hong Kong protest, those inside China itself, and even anti-Beijing gatherings in Vietnam.

As for the channel’s episode about Hunter Biden’s China dealings, it was demonetized for featuring – adult content.

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