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YouTube deletes Candace Owens’ “men are not women and women are not men” podcast video

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Political commentator Candace Owens accused YouTube of being “batshit woke” after it removed her podcast about gender identity. It is not clear why YouTube suddenly found the video offensive after being on the platform for a year.

On Friday, Owens tweeted that YouTube had removed her video because she said “men are not women and women are not men.” According to her remarks in the video are not so-called “hate speech” but the truth.

“I honestly cannot even believe how absolutely batshit woke you have to be to believe basic truth to be “hate speech,” she wrote.

In the podcast, which aired on July 14, 2019, Owens discussed gender identity and sex with Michael Knowles. The two conservative political commentators stated they do not believe there are any other gender identities aside from female and male.

“What the left wants to do is break down structure, and what it creates is mass confusion. And I genuinely believe that mass confusion, and when you have a society that does not have structure, that leads directly to depression,” Owens said.

Knowles said that those who refuse to accept that males and females are intrinsically different are denying “objective reality.”

According to YouTube, the language Owens and Knowles used in the video violates its policy on hate speech.

“We rigorously enforce this policy, which prohibits claims that LGBTQ+ individuals are mentally diseased based on their sexual orientation or gender identity,” a YouTube rep said when asked about the censorship.

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