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YouTube and Facebook remove video from Professor Dolores Cahill who criticized lockdowns

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YouTube’s new act of coronavirus-related censorship concerns a video featuring a conversation with Professor Dolores Cahill.

The video, “Debunking the Narrative,” was taken down from the Computing Forever channel after being flagged and reviewed, YouTube said.

The message said that YouTube does not allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts – but then says that the removal of the video will not bring a community guidelines strike or penalty against the account at this time. Instead, the YouTuber seems to be encouraged to practice self-censor more diligently to avoid future trouble, such as strikes or channel termination.

Both Facebook and YouTube removed the video after Business Insider reported it to YouTube.

In the interview, Cahill – who has sat on the Advisory Science Council to the Irish government and the International Science Advisory Board – says she in her opinion she believes lockdowns are unnecessary. Business Insider calls this “conspiracy theories.” Cahill also supports using the drug hydroxychloroquine in treating the disease, something that has divided medical experts.

Announcing YouTube’s decision to remove the interview, Computing Forever channel owner Dave Cullen recalls this is just one instance of the video giant silencing voices of credible scientists, in that way also undermining science which requires different ideas to arrive at the truth.

But, according to him, YouTube and traditional media are determined to prevent any challenge to the narrative of the World Health Organization (something YouTube’s CEO has openly admitted to) while at the same time promoting the idea that the threat of the virus would be here “for years to come.”

That means preparing people to accept that extraordinary measures such as social distancing are the new normal, as, according to Cullen, the old economy is being destroyed – “making way for the new one” that he expects to be a mass surveillance dystopia not unlike that in China.

He also encourages his 442k subscribers to watch the removed video on the decentralized platform BitChute where he expects to be posting more as his other content is likely to be taken down by YouTube.

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