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YouTube deletes Steve Bannon’s podcast after he interviewed Mayor Rudy Giuliani

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YouTube has removed Steve Bannon’s podcast channel, The War Room. The removal happened fast on the heels of the latest episode featuring President Trump’s personal lawyer, and former Major of New York, Rudy Giuliani.

YouTube claimed that the podcast violated its terms of service. It appears it did not like that Giuliani speculated on where Capitol Hill protesters came from.

“Most of them hadn’t come there with implements to do it and also led on by people from, you know, groups that are experts at it,” Giuliani said on the podcast.

“Believe me, Trump people were not scaling the wall. So there’s nothing to it that he incited anything.

“And also there’s equal if not more responsibility on the fascists who are now running the Democrat Party, who have imposed censorship on these people, who have been singling them out for unfair treatment since the IRS started going after conservative groups.

“The media may deny it, but those people know it. They know their freedom of religion is being taken away. They know their freedom of speech is virtually decimated,” the former New York City mayor added.

After the episode aired, YouTube deleted Bannon’s entire channel.

The move follows YouTube’s decision to take censorship to new heights in the last week, deleting content surrounding the election and the Capitol Hill protests.

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