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YouTube demonetizes popular YouTube channel Top 5 Scary Videos

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Lucy McPhee, from the YouTube channel Top 5 Scary Videos, posted the video that every YouTube creator dreads the day they’ll have to make – asking for subscribers help after being reprimanded by YouTube.

The channel has over 600,000 subscribers and creates list videos that show off the scariest characters, stories, places, and more.

The channel’s monetization was shut down by YouTube for using what the platform deems as reused content. However, McPhee says the channel takes pride in delivering 100% original and educational content in all of its videos.

“You guys know that we like to keep things fresh and unique here at Top 5”, commented Lucy McPhee. After YouTube’s move, the staff at Top 5 Scary Videos reviewed all the videos and McPhee points out with no hesitation that none of their videos falls into the categories that could deem a channel worthy of demonetization.

The channel reached out to YouTube for an explanation but a week later it is still in total darkness. “How can you fix something that is not broken, how can you resolve an issue when no one wants to help?”, continued McPhee.

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Often, the only way for YouTube to even bother responding to a distressed channel owner is if the public make a lot of noise, hence the decision of posting a video calling for help by the channel’s subscribers.

A joint effort between the creators and the users of a YouTube channel has better chances of compelling YouTube to review its decision. McPhee asked the channel’s fans to make as much noise as possible by tweeting and posting the case on social media making the story visible to the biggest possible audience.

“We don’t want you to be without a Top 5 Scary Videos. We will continue fighting until the end and we hope you guys will do it with us. We’ll keep you in the loop and we hope we can continue this channel because we love, love this job more than anything.”

For the channel’s creators, Top 5 is a job. The video has already a lot of new material filmed for its subscribers, but without monetization, it is hard to predict how long and if the channel will be able to survive.

Last week, we reported that another horror-themed YouTube channel Sir Spooks was also demonetized. After YouTube upended his career with no response, the channel’s creator has decided to take a break from YouTube.

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