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YouTube refuses to give specific reasons why it deleted popular CopperCab channel

YouTube can end careers at the press of a button, leaving creators without recourse.

Update: After Reclaim The Net contacted for comment on the censorship, restored the channel, saying that the deletion was a “mistake.”

Popular YouTuber CopperCab, who rose to fame in 2010 for posting the legendary “Gingers do have souls” video, was devastated to tears after YouTube removed his channel. YouTube was not specific about what led to his channel being banned.

After his 2010 “Gingers do have souls” video, CopperCab’s Youtube channel blew up, reaching 300,000 subscribers. But all that was lost after YouTube permanently deleted his channel.

Revealing the bad news through a video, posted on Aug 29, he urged fans to help him recover his channel.

“Please help me get my channel back. I feel so lost right now,” he said.

“My channel was just terminated suddenly and I feel like a piece of me has been cut out. I’ve been on YouTube since 2010. If there is any way I can get my channel back please let me know.”

The post was widely shared, encouraging YouTube to respond. The video-sharing platform reviewed the account deletion decision and upheld it claiming that the account was deleted for “repeated or severe violation” of “hate speech” guidelines. But it was not specific what videos contained hate speech and refused to be specific.

CopperCab insists he has no idea what YouTube is referring to, and promised to take down whatever content violated the rules.

On Aug 30, he posted on Twitter that he was all out of options on ways to contact YouTube.

“Please help me @TeamYouTube. I don’t know how to contact you any further. It’s not letting me respond to this email… I don’t know what was said,” CopperCab wrote.

“I’ll take down whatever it was that was deemed a violation.

“I’ve never intended to cause any problems.

“Please help me.”

YouTube said it would investigate the ban manually but has since gone silent.

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